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Gallery 1

Eastthorpe, Knowl Rd, Station Rd
and Hopton

Mirfield Black Bull
Mirfield Trinity
Mirfield Knowle Rd

Black Bull


Knowle Road

Mirfield Town hall
Mirfield Vale
Mirfield Eastthorpe

Town Hall

Vale Cinema

Eastthorpe 1

Mirfield Eastthorpe
Mirfield Eastthorpe
Mirfield Station Rd

Eastthorpe 2


Station Road 1

Mirfield Station Rd
Mirfield Station Rd

Station Road 2

Station Road 3

Canal 1

Mirfield Calder Rd
Mirfield Hopton Ln
Mirfield Jackroyd Ln

Calder Road 1

Hopton Hill

Jackroyd Lane

Mirfield Steanard Ln
Mirfield Shepley Bridge
Mirfield Shepley Bridge

Steanard Lane

Shepley Bridge 1

Shepley Bridge 2

Mirfield Hopton URC
Mirfield Northorpe CoOp

Hopton Congregational Church

Northorpe Co-Op

Ledgard Bridge

Mifeild Canal
Mirfield North Gate
Mirfield Gregory Springs

Towpath Shepley Bridge


Gregory Springs

Mirfield Hopton Ln
Mirfield Woodbottom
Mirfield Hopton St John's

Hopton Lane

Wood Bottom

St John's Church

Mirfield Newgate
Mirfield Hopton Flower Pot
Mirfield Barge Trip

Canal Newgate

Flower Pot

Barge Trip Newgate

Mirfield Hopton Calder Rd
Mirfield Hopton Waste Ln
Mirfield Hopton Calder Rd

Calder Road 2

Waste Lane

Calder Road 3

Reformatory Calder Farm



Calder Farm Reformatory School