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About This Site

The main body of this site contains a selection of photographs of Mirfield and surrounding areas taken over the previous century.

Accompanying each photograph of the past is a present day shot. This picture where possible will show the exact same view for comparison.
A brief background is included with each set of photographs.

Over recent years a number of Special Features on subjects of local interest have also being added.

If you are purely searching for old pictures of Mirfield they are now grouped together in their own gallery Old Pictures, you also have the opportunity to leave feedback on the individual pictures if you choose.

If you have spotted any problems with the site or have any suggestions then please e-mail me.

If you have any information or photographs that you think would be useful to this project I would be pleased to include them.

As time goes by and memories fade it becomes increasingly difficult to find information about the old photographs. If you or an older relative has memories of a picture I would like to include them.

If you do have any photographs you wish me to use, please e-mail me so we can discuss the best way of doing this.