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The following sources of reference were used in this project:

Looking Back At Mirfield

Frances Stott


ISBN 0-9539251-0-2

A really excellent publication full of interesting pictures and narrative.


A History of Mirfield

Harold Norman Pobjoy


Out of Print

Probably the definitive book on Mirfield, The Rev Pobjoy seems to have researched and formed conclusions on nearly all aspects of Mirfields Past.

The book is available in the reference section of the library.

Old Mirfield Days                             Old Mirfield Ways

One More Time                                 More Old Mirfield Days & Ways

F.G. Pilling


Out of print

The reminisces of Mirfield character Bertie Pilling during his youth prior to the first world war, are the subject of these two books.

The later book is the 2nd edition and features a few extras additions.

The book can be found in the library

Mirfield Life in a West Riding Village 1900-1914

Joseph Hird


ISBN 0-9502568-9-7

Out of Print

A very good memoir of the life and times of Mirfield at the the beginning of last century.

The book is a Kirklees publication so should be available in the library.

Boyhood In Mirfield

Tom Dransfield


Locally published

Tom Dransfield's memories of life growing up in Mirfield in the early 1900's, his recollections of some of the local characters makes interesting reading.

The book is available in reprint at the library.

Mirfield Past And Present

Denis Kay & Suart Metcalf


Charity book for the Rotary Club

A nice little book, in a similar style to this site, with some interesting old photographs.

The Calder & Hebble Navigation

Mike Taylor


ISBN 0 7524 2755 5

Full of history and photographs of the Calder & Hebble.

Available from WH Smiths and local librarys.

The Leeds New Line

Roy Waring


ISBN 0-85361-369-9

A very detailed and well researched history of the Leeds new line.

The book can be found in the library.

Railway Memories 11                       Halifax and the Calder Valley Line

Jack Wild & Stephen Chapman

ISBN 1-871233-10-0

A good selection of railway pictures of Mirfield.

Railway Memories 13                  Huddersfield Dewsbury & Batley

Robert Handerson

ISBN 1-871233-13-5

More pictures of steam in Mirfield.