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Mirfield Parish Registers

The Mirfield Parish Registers here contain the details of baptisms, marriages & burial's  between 1559 and 1776. The original register is handsomely bound in calf and contains 246 parchment leaves, measuring 12" by 7" inches.

Down to 1754 the entries are mixed, but from that date to 1776, baptisms and burials only are given, separated, year by year, the marriages being entered in the regulation volume.

The register has been kept very carefully throughout and is in excellent condition with few exceptions. The entries continue without interruption during the Civil War period.

The Registers were transcribed and indexed in 1919 by William Brigg. B.A.

The printing of the Mirfield Register was proposed by the late Mr. Edward Theodore Ingham, B.A., the patron of the living and a considerable landowner in the parish, through the marriage in 1764 of his ancestor Joshua Ingham to the daughter and heiress of Richard Shepley of Overhall. Mr. Ingham expressed his intention to defray largely the cost of printing the Register, but his death on the 27th day of March, 1918, occurred before the first part was completed. His son, Mr. Joshua Lister Ingham, generously gave a substantial donation towards the expense of printing the first portion in order that the work might be proceeded with, and kindly gave a further donation towards this printing of the second portion.

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Baptisms, marriages, burials, 1559-1700.

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Part 2

Baptisms and burials, Jan. 1700-Mar. 1776, Marriages, to March 1754.